Head Office : Belahiya-1, Sonauli Border, Lumbini Nepal

Helplne : 9867046134


Palpa is full of religious, historical and archeological significance. Palpa, which has many cultural identities, has some natural and some artificial structures and attractions that attract visitors. Palpa, which is in direct contact with the Terai region, is also known as a meeting place for tourists visiting Pokhara, an important tourist destination of Nepal.

Tourists who reach Pokhara from Butwal, the center of Province No. 5, the main business center for the citizens of this region, can reach Pokhara via Syangja after observing the beautiful area in Palpa. Religious sites associated with various faiths, rivers, caves, community forests, historical, archeological objects, and agricultural produce produced here have also made Palpa’s identity unique.

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