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Kailash Mansarovar

the Hindus, the Himalayas are central to their cosmology. The peaks are the petals of the Golden Lotus which lord Vishnu created as a first step in the formation of the universe. On one of these peaks – Mount Kailash, sits Shiva in a state of perpetual meditation, generating the spiritaul force that sustains the cosmos. The ancient text, Rigveda has a mention of the Himalayas, their formation and sacredness. 

The most sacred peak in the Himalayan range, Mount Kailash, is said to have been formed 30 million years ago during the early stages of the formation of the Himalayan chain. According to the Jains, at the dawn of history their first law giver, Rishabhdev attained Nirvana on Mount Kailash. Mount Kailash is situated in Tibet where it is given the dignified title of ‘Kang Rampoche’ meaning ‘Precious Jewel’. Near Mount Kailash, during the geological shift in the initial statges of the formation of the Himalayan mountain chain four rivers arose from the area, flowing in four different directions : the Indus flowed north, the Karnali south, the Yarlung Tsangpo flowed east and Sutlej travelled west.People have been visiting Kailas – Mansarovar for centuries.

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